1. EVE-Online
A fan site on EVE Online that explains ways to make ISK in EVE and offers hints for pirates and pirate hunters. New players can use a guide and map explanation to get started.
2. Final Fantasy
Features Final Fantasy I-XI, with forums, movies, wallpaper, codes, guides, walkthroughs, and general information.
3. Killer Guides
Offers strategy guides for roleplaying games as paid downloads. Displays user ratings, author biographies and provides a roleplaying newsletter.
4. MagicDuel Adventure
Browser MMORPG with unique concepts, fantasy world with hundreds of handmade artworks, multiplayer quests, creature fights. Each player created its own role, no predefined classes. Updated daily.
5. mmobux
A price comparison site for World of Warcraft gold. Lists more than 30 gold farmers, ranked by WoW gold prices by server and faction. Includes shops like IGE, MySuperSales and Mogs.
6. MmorpGuides
Cheats, guides, walkthroughs, marcos and more for many of the most popular MMORPG games.
7. Roleplay
Roleplay contains Introduction to articles and a continuing discussion on the genres of roleplaying.
8. RPG World
Here you can find a lot of information about new RPG games, game performance, Screenshots of new games, cheats and trainers and not only. Download games and software and read reviews of games.
9. RPGnet
Popular roleplaying game industry focused independent site, includes directory, regular columns, news, interviews, reviews, links, and large archives of gaming reference, art, and humor material.
10. Second LIfe
Features articles and hints on Second Life. Describes business opportunities like designing clothes, dancing or building houses. Also included are various money-making hints and freebies for new players.
11. Strategyfreaks
Paid membership site for Auto Assault, DDO, EVE Online, and Final Fantasy XI guides and strategies.
12. Tastes Like Phoenix Games
Welcome to the Tastes Like Phoenix Games Website. While we have professional writers contributing, Tastes Like Phoenix has nothing to sell as of this post: its original idea was to use the site as a space for free samples, and turn that momentum into the sales of a roleplaying game. We gave ourselves two years.
13. The RPG Consortium
RPG online community with discussion forums for different games and gaming styles. Includes archives of publications and reference materials.